Order: Create Your Perfect Picture

Step 1: Your Frame

We custom make your frame to your perfect size. The frame is the foundation to a high-quality canvas. Our frames are made to last.

Your Frame

Tip: Select standard size or custom size below. Don't worry about cropping or aspect ratios or orientation at this stage. Our experienced designers will send you a proof and intelligently crop the image for you so your image looks great.

Looking for something bigger? For our purposes here, "height" is maxed out at 40 inches. However, based on whether your picture is landscape or portrait, the "width" could actually end up being height. If you wish to print something greater than 108 inches, up to 40 feet, contact us via email (jules@creativeimagingstudios.com) or by phone (480-273-6645) and we will work with you directly.

canvas print layout option
canvas print frame option
canvas print edge option
canvas print effect option

Step 2: Your Picture

The ideal resolution for an amazing print would be 300 dpi. Every photograph you send will receive free personal and professional review and touchup. We guarantee you will love your print!

Your Picture

We accept JPEG, TIFF, and PNG file formats. High resolution will yield optimal results.

If you don't have a digital copy of your photo we can scan your picture. You will receive mailing instructions via email.